Mason Cummings Photography | About

Over the years, my passion for the outdoors has naturally led to my passion for photography. The more I found myself in the wilderness, the deeper my desire grew to share these spectacular places with other people. Currently working for The Wilderness Society in Durango, CO, I'm extremely fortunate to have found an application for my work. My ultimate goal has always been to inspire people to not only connect with, but to protect wild places.

Wilderness is much more than a place to take pretty pictures. I see it as a place to find balance in my life, a place to reconnect, and a place to be mystified by the intricate beauty of this planet. The thought of helping others emotionally connect with even just a fraction of that beauty is what motivates me to be a photographer.

More importantly, as the planet's climate continues to change it is becoming even more critical that these places are protected. Wilderness is essential to maintaining healthy ecosystems, and these areas are living laboratories and classrooms as we continue trying to understand the effects of a warming planet. They are also some of the last remaining natural assemblages of biodiversity, and provide critical habitat to many of our threatened and endangered species. We need as much wild space as possible in order to be resilient in the face of a shifting climate. 

My Approach

I've always subscribed to the notion that an image is only half-complete upon initial capture. Most of my images are carefully processed in the effort to convey the experience of a scene as close as possible to how I remember it. I use a combination of filters and in-field techniques as well as post-processing in order to convey my interpretation of a particular scene. I'm constantly learning and working to refine my craft, and my process is something that changes almost every day.

Thanks so much for taking a look at my site. I hope you enjoy!